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Reflections on what it means to live a vibrant life and on being a writer.

Living as learning

Reading and collaborating with minds

Living a vibrant life

On being a writer

Making Great Architects: reflections on my vocation

You, My Mirror and My Inspiration

Bat pings, or "anyone out there?"

Nice things people say about my other site

Journal post linked and tweeted

Observations on My (Public) Work



CAEAP Talk: PICTURE IT: The Art of Drawing People In

SATURN Tutorial: The Art of Drawing People In

Getting Past "But"

The Art of Change: Fractal and Emergent

The Art of Change: To Lead is To See, To Frame, To Draw

Why I Journal, What Shape Should It Take, and Other Questions of Value, Identity and Form

4/27/10: Anyway, I think it is important, and going to be hugely important, that we remember that work and technology needs to enhance our humanity, not detract from and deface it. So I live that message. Life is personal; passion is personal.

Something About Me

On Being a Woman in Technology

Thank You

Things I Like (and which yield Architecture Insights)

5/4/10: Tonight Dana said to Sara "You need to keep some of your thoughts in your head!" I was the one who blushed.


Ballet, Opera, Theater



Geek fun

Travel and Outdoor fun

My family


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- Strategy, Architecture and Agility: The Art of Change: Fractal and Emergent, 2010

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Getting Past ‘But’: Finding Opportunity and Making It Happen, 2008



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Feedback: I can be reached using the obvious handle. Well, if you want to rant about my journal, it is Just kidding, I welcome input, discussion and feedback on any of the topics in this Trace in The Sand Journal, my blog, and the Resources for Architects website, or, for that matter, anything relevant to architects, architecting and architecture! Bring value, and I commit to using what you teach me, to convey it as best I can, help your lessons reach as far as I can spread them. I try to do this ethically, giving you credit whenever I can, but protecting confidentiality as a first priority.



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