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System Design Workshop

Course Overview

We work in small teams on creating a draft architecture, and lecture topics are driven by the concerns that are being addressed as we do so. This allows us to work on shaping a system design, moving from exploring the system concept to architectural definition, weaving guidance, discussion and practice.

As we iterate through architecture design with its trade-offs, decision making, modeling and specification, we grapple with:


Workshop Format

Exercises form a large component of this remote workshop, which is oriented toward building skills rather than simply exposing participants to new concepts. Also, case studies and stories from our experience are used to integrate real-world lessons into the workshop.


This workshop is designed for architects (those doing architecture work, whatever their title) and system design engineers. Managers of architecture teams will also benefit. Product owners may be interested too.

This workshop may also be of interest to developers who are interested in a system design approach that works across both capabilities design ("requirements," including properties or "non-functionals") and the design of the system internals (architecturally significant parts and interactions, and mechanisms).



In-house: Pricing depends on number of students taking the class. Please contact us for details.

Remote Open Enrollment: The fee for this remote workshop is as follows:

We strongly recommend the Design and Leadership Sequence that is the successor to our Software Architecture Workshop. We're offering bundled pricing for the following, taken together. The prices are given as [early enrollment price/enrollment price]. Early enrollment pricing is available until February 15th. All prices per person.

In-House Remote:

Most of our workshops are, in non-Covid times, run on-site with clients, helping to ramp up an architecture focus, providing training for architects and providing common grounding for architects across projects, running new product incubators with a core group of product owner/architects/developers, preparing for legacy revitalization with design recovery and renewal, and so forth. During this era of remote work, we have been doing these in-house workshops, incubators, and classes remotely.

We also have shorter versions of our workshops focused on specific topics, or to address specific needs a group has.


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